3 special performances in Groningen

On August 19th Studio Ad Astra performed an aerial silks act during the closing party of the student-introduction in Groningen. This week, also known as KEIweek, attracts many new students every year. The party was packed with 4500 new first-year student who reacted very enthusiastic on Hanka’s act. On the next day, Hanka performed in a very special setting in museum “The Buitenplaats” in Eelde. She was painted as a beatiful butterfly by bodypaint-artist Liefka Olivier. Disguised as this butterfly she danced on the pole in the middle of the spiegelvijver (Mirror -pond). Next, the audience could witness the transformation of this butterfly into a swan. Hanka brought here version of the Swan-lake on air in silks. This combination of aerial acrobatics and bodypaint was never seen in a museum before.