Classes Aerial Cube or Hoop

Do you want to become an aerial acrobat? Studio Ad Astra can provide private classes in both aerial cube als aerial hoop. In our cute and cosy home studio we will teach you the first basic tricks in these aerial acts. An experienced instructor will help you, always keeping an eye on correct technique and safety. Private classes are possible alone, but you can also share with one or 2 friends. Do you want to try aerial arts? This is your chance, If you are seriously training for an act or show, we can also provide guidance and coaching.


  • Private, 1 person 1 hr: €55 p.p.
  • Private, 1 person 1,5 hr: €70
  • Private, 2 persons 1 hr: €85
  • Private, 2 persons 1,5 hr: €95
  • Private, 3 persons 1 hr: €95
  • Private, 3 persons 1,5 hr: €110

All prices include taxes and are valid for our regular location in Nijmegen. We do however also offer a mobile service which will be priced as above plus travel costs from Nijmegen. We are happy to discuss the options for other locations or additional participants.