Performances Aerial Cube or Hoop

An aerial act gives your party something special. Because nobody will expect a metallic object with a dancer in the air. Studio Ad Astra can provide different performances in styles varying from a beautiful fairytale till an exciting “Dirty Diana”. A romantic duo-performance in French style is also one of the options. Very often we can follow your wishes.

Del Mundo (584 van 792)


  • 1 act : €315 (+travel expenses)
  • 2 acts: €465 (+travel expenses)

Technical requirements

The organiser is responsible for the provision of a safe anchor-point for suspension between 5 and 8 m high.  The anchor-point must be weight-tested to hold a minimum load of 300 kg. Required ground space is only 1m by 1m. Because the cube is pretty heavy, we prefer a motor-lift to raise the cube, the aerial hoop is much lighter and can be lifted by hand.
We also require a dressing room with good lights and heating for our warm-up and makeup


Please send a message to with your wishes.