International Pole Championship

On April 22nd, our studio Ad Astra instructo Hanka has participated in one of the most prestigious competitions in the pole world. For many years, the International Pole Championship has been the competitions that attracts top-athletes from over the whole world. They will compete for the titles: Pole Fit, Pole Art and Ultimate Pole Champion.
Hanka has been dreaming about competition in this championship and she was both surprised ans excited to see that she was selected as one fo the finalist this year! The competition took place in Brisbane, Australia. Months of preparation preceeded this adventure, not only because she needed to work on a good act, costume and dance, but also because Australia is not exactly next door. And when you finally decide to travel there, you don;t want to see just one city. So, the trip changed into both a competition and a tour over the continent of Australia.

Hanka wrote a nice and colourfull report about her adventures, but as a short summary we can say that she won two things: The Pole Fit title, and the hand of her boyfriend…or did he win hers?? In case you are interested in these adventures, you can check Hanka’s blog(Dutch only). The Ultimate Pole title was won by Heidi Coker and the Pole Art title was won by Natasha Wang, both veterans in the pole world and good friends, Besides that, many other older friends joined the competition. So, besides a good show, this was also a nice reunion of friends. Hanka was in doubt about the level of her own act, but during the night she did an (almost) perfect act which gave her the Pole Fit title. Curious? Below you can see a video of her in action.