Victory at Pole Theatre UK

On May 20th, Studio Ad Astra instructor Hanka competed in a very special competition, Pole Theatre UK. Pole Theatre is a competition that, besides tricks, also focusses on show, storytelling and emotions. The competition is divided in 4 categories: Art, Comedy, Drama and Classique, each with their own rules and regulations. As it is a nice challenge to make people from different background laugh, Hanka decided to get out of her comfort zone and to sign up for the Comedy Category. Together with her lover Michel she created an act about a nerdy professor who tries to make the perfect woman. This almost seems to work, but is the perfect woman even possible? You can see for yourself in the video below.
Pay extra attention to the small details, the real smoking experiment at the start, the formulas on the posters, the references to different movies, and the special ultimate program that’s uploaded at the end. Creating this act has been a fun adventure and both the audience and the judges awarded it with a first price in the category Comedy!