Overview competitions in 2015

The last 6 months were filled with competitions for our instructor Hanka.

Following her win during the Dutch Nationals she had ample time to prepare for Pole Theatre UK, an international competiton that focusses on the storyline and creative expression. Hanka was selected to compete in the Drama-category and she created an act that had everything to do with the brain, thoughts and how you can be tangled up in them. She brought this, very litteraly, on stage using her skills in silks and pole. She placed 2nd!

In the months following Pole Pole Theatre UK, Studio Ad Astra was busy organizing a very big weekend with 2 shows, Terra Vita and Pole Evolution. (see the separate news item for this). The shows were very succesfull, but Hanka didnt get a moment of rest because she had to work on het act for the World Championships. At the end of July she travelled to London to perform with her (slightly improved) act on the world’s stage. The field of participants was large and strong but she managed to place amond the top 10 and was allowed to compete again on the final day. During the finals she sometimes had to fight to get through her act but still managed to finish in 7th place!

After a short holiday and tour through Europe it was time for the next competition. Hanka would participate in the Pole Classic, a big international competition that was being held during the Pole Expo in Las Vegas. Hanka created an act using the song My Love by the Dutch artist Sharon Kovacs. The judges liked it as much as she did and she placed 2nd! During the remaining days at Pole Expo Hanka trained a lot and tried to do as many workshops as possible, all to make she would learn about the newest techniques and insights in poledance.

In October the International Dutch Pole Art competition was held in the Netherlands, again, a weekend filled with competitions. Pole Art is know for its focus on artistry, story and creativity. During the saturday competition, Hanka and the other Dutch girls placed easily for the international competition on sunday. During that day there was more competition from international performers. Hanka performed at her very best and her “Angel”-act earned her a first place.

We can conclude that 2015 was a very nice year for Studio Ad Astra, with victories at the Dutch Nationals and Dutch Pole Art, a first runner-up place during the Pole Expo Classic and place during the Worlds Finals!