Classes Poledance

So, you’re curious? Want to try? Book a private class at Studio Ad Astra. A private class will be adjusted to your level, wishes and capabilities. Our teacher is a European champion and has extensive experience at teaching individual and group lessons. Lessons can be one-on-one or as a small group. A private class, which can be shared with a friend, is a very comfortable way to have a go at the sport of poledance. If you are already an experienced pole dancer then try a private class to develop new techniques, perfect existing ones and perhaps eventually work on your own act for a competition. We can also assist you with your personal training schedule to give you the independence to develop your skills to the optimum level.


  • Private-class: 1 person 1 hour: €55 p.p.
  • Private-class: 1 person 1,5 hour: €70
  • Private-class: 1 person 2,0 hour: €80
  • Private-class: 2 persons 1 hour: €85
  • Private-class: 2 persons 1,5 hour: €95
  • Private-class: 2 persons 2,0 hour: €105
  • Private-class: 3 persons 1 hour: €95
  • Private-class: 3 persons 1,5 hour: €110
  • Private-class: 3 persons 2,0 hour: €125

All prices include taxes and are valid for our regular location in Nijmegen. We do however also offer a mobile service which will be priced as above plus travel costs from Nijmegen. We are happy to discuss the options for other locations or additional participants.

***New***: Skype-class

You live on the other side of the world? Don’t worry, you can still book a private-class using Skype! A webcam and skype-account enables us to see each other while training at your own place.


  • Private-class, 1 person 1 hour: €50 p.p.
  • Private-class, 1 person 1,5 hour: €60 p.p.


Very often people ask us for weekly group classes. This is not possible via Ad Astra, but we would like to refer you to the weekly groupclasses at the University Sportcentre in Nijmegen. These classes are organized in collaboration with Studio Ad Astra, Pole Passion, and the students of Student Pole Association Lasya. Have a look at the website of the University Sports Centre

Of course it is sill possible to book a workshop poledance. Have a look at the page workshops