Pole Fusion 2017

Since 4 years in a row, we have been part of the Pole Fusion Festival, organised by Sarahcademy in Brussel. Several times we had the chance to judge the competition, and usually we also brought a guest performance. This year, the festival was slightly different because there was no competition, but there was a special night with a show filled with guestperformances. Studio Ad Astra brought a special cube performance during this night.
Besides that, Ad Astra instructor Hanka would perform together with her NSPV Lasya students during the studio show with the theme “Surrealism”. In quite a short time, she and 12 of her students had created an act inspired by Dali’s work “The persistance of memory”.
Thanks to the amazing amount of energy and enthousiasm, and lots of creativity, they managed to organize the act, the costumes and props. And on the night itself, the show was a solid succes. The result was of course lots of applause from the audience, but more importantly, also lots of fun together with the studio’s from Belgium, Norway and Turkey
Below you find a link to this act from NSPV Lasya, with a few tricks by Hanka and acting by Michel!