The Bodylove Project

The months september, october and november were quite busy for Studio Ad Astra instructor Hanka because she was competing in several competitions. She performed in Pole Art France, Pole Art Croatia, Pole Theatre Worlds, and Pole Art Spain. For those Pole Art competitions she did this time choose to bring a special act with a message called “Bodylove”. Together with her dance teacher Charlotte from L.O.F. Dancecrew she created an act that illustrated the daily struggle with expectations, requirements and oponions of others.
Apparently, this message did come across because the won a 3rd place and twice the 1ste place during those competitions.
Of course there were some differences in execution of those acts and Hanka’s own favorite is the version she did during Pole Art France. But you can see for yourself because below you can find all 3 links to the 3 versions of the act.