Performances Silks

A tissu act is always beautiful and stylish entertainment during your event.
An acrobat in the air will always attract attention and . Studio Ad Astra is keen to help you with these acts. We prefer to work with our own music, but we can always discuss other options. A personalised performance designed to your taste can be developed in a matter of weeks. Feel free to contact us to discuss specific requests.


  • 1 act (max 4.5 minutes): €315
  • 1 act (max 6 minutes): €365
  • Special act: price in consultation

Technical specifications

Studio Ad Astra owns 4 tissues, red, blue, white and black. ( + sling and karabiner). The organiser is responsible for the provision of a safe anchor-point for suspension between 7 and 8 m high. This point should be accessible to attach the tissue. The anchor-point must be weight-tested to hold a minimum load of 500 kg. Required ground space is only 1m by 1m.

We will also require a secluded space with mirrors and good lighting in order to prepare costume and make-up.

Make a booking?

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