About Silks

Silks, also known as tissu, is a well-know aerial act. Floating above the audience the acrobat will perform his/her drops, rolls and poses. Breath-taking drops and extreme splits form a very attractive show. In our country silks gained lots of attention when Daniele Bubberman won the Holland’s got Talent show by doing a perfect contorsion act in silks.

Lot of different styles

In the world of silks we can distinguish between two main styles. The contorsion-style is all about poses that require extreme flexibility. The technical/strength variant is all about complicated knots and poses that require lots of strengtht. It is not surprising that women usually choose the former style, with men usually preferring the latter. However, this is a rough generalistion. Most acts contain flexible poses, and every silks-act demands lots of strengh. On Youtube you can even find some very original comedy routines.