Workshop Silks

You want to do silks? Looking for a special workshop for your company-day-out? Book a tissu-workshop at Studio Ad Astra. The workshops are suitable for beginners and intermediates and will be given by an experienced instructor and performer. The workshop will always start with a warming-up including stretching. Then we will work in the silks on the first skills and basic moves. Depending on the level of the participants we will also work on locks, inversions, drops and duo-tricks, always ending classes with a cooling-down.


The workshop will take place in a gym owned by the community of Nijmegen meaning that it can take a few days before we can confirm the workshop. This gym is equiped with 3 tissues and appropriate safety material such as crash-mats. Alternatively, if you have a suitable venue close to you then this may also be possible. We can accommadate 5 to 15 people per group.

Prices (per workshop):

-Workshop 1h (6-10 participants): €160

-Workshop 1h (11-15 participants): €200

-Workshop 2h (6-10 participants): €200

-Workshop 1h (6-10 participants): €240

Prices above include taxes and rental of the venue in Nijmegen. For venues outside Nijmegen appropriate expenses will be additional.

Dress code

Silks can cause nasty friction burns on bare skin, therefore, we advise that participants always wear long sleeves and long, thight pants. A gymnastics leotard and leggings are appropriate. We also advise participants to wear gymnastics shoes or to train barefoot as outdoor shoes/trainers are not allowed in the gym. Long hair should be tied in a ponytail. Importantly, all clothing must be free from zips and anything that might catch and damage the fabric.