WitLOFje & the seven mood swings

A special dance production with a little support from Studio Ad Astra!

“Nowadays, you are being drowned by #lovemylife, cute and happy celebritities and fake news. This is why L.O.F. DanceCrew will start a counter-action, together with worlds most famous fairytale characters. A plea not to hide your imperfections, but to embrace them. Even when that results in less followers.

‘WitLOFje & the seven mood swings’ is a dance productions for all ages. In this colourfull and spectacular show, 40 L.O.F dancers will guide your from mood to mood. From inexplainable angry, to insanely dperessive, to overly happy.

With projections by Thomas Scholz

Location: Theater aan de Slinger, Houten
Date: June 2nd and 9th

Tickets for this show can be found on the LOF website.