Triple European Champion!

Studio Ad Astra instructor Hanka won the European Championships for the 3rd time in a row. On sunday octobre 14th the European competition was once more organized by Pole2pole magazine.

Hanka had won the title in the previous 2 years and was focused to repeat this for a 3rd time. But she had to fight strong competitors from countries like Letland, Russia and Austria.

Hanka performed her act, inspired by the evolution of the earth, went almost flawless and the judges rewarded her with the most points in the Champion of  Champions categorie (in which you can only compete if you have won an international title before). Her friend Ilse Meulenbroek, the current Benelux champion, was also competing in this group. Her happy and very nice act did not result in a place among the medals. Current Dutch National Champion Yvonne Smink competed in the Professional category. She was one of the best competitors for sure, but unfortunately the judges did not reward her with a medal.

Here is a video of the winning act:

A short item about this can be found on the website from Omroep Gelderland

Both Hanka and Yvonne will compete at the world Championships, november 10th in Zurich.