Holland’s Got Talent

Studio Ad Astra participated in the populair TV-show Holland’s Got Talent. In contrast to your expectations, we were not showing a poledance or an aerial silks-act this time. No, our instructor Hanka showed a completely new aerial act: aerial cube!

Hanka decided to partipate in this program because the aerial cube is still relatively unknown in The Netherlands, and there is no better way to get known than being on TV.

The judges had some great comments about her act, and she mad it into the liveshows. Do you want to see the audition again? Check out this little video:

In the live show Hanka made her cube fly! Again, the judges were very positive about the act, but there were 7 other amazing acts. Here’s Hanka’s show:

The audience did not vote for her to go to the live show, but she had very special adventure!