Pole Art Mallorca

poleart2-1237-de-1302On september 16th, our studio Ad Astra instructor Hanka competed on the beautiful island of Mallorca in the finals of Pole Art Spain. She spent a part of 2015 without doing competitions because she was busy with other activities. But because she really felt the urge to create new acts again she was really happy to be back on the big international stage! The list of contestants was a big one, including many names of international polestars who had been competing in world championships and such. Also, the judges panel consisted of 5 internationally known polestars. For this competition, Hanka had decided to go for a completely different style, more quite and beautiful, inspired by the slow movement of water. Her act went quite OK and she received loads of compliments from the judges, audience and other contestants. Unfortunately, this didnt result in a top-three place but she could be very content with her performance. She also had the chance to perform this act once again on stage during her guest performance in Greece and she is sure to do it once again somewhere in the future. Do you want to know what else she experienced (sun , sea, beach and friends) on Mallorca? Just read her personal blog (un Dutch only). Are you just curious about this act? Check the movie here!