World Pole Sport Championship

On thursday july 19, Studio Ad Astra instructor Hanka participated in the first World Pole Sports Competition. This competition was organised for the 1st time by the IPSF, the organisation that aims to¬† bring poledancing to the Olympic Games. For that purpose, the competition was held in this year’s capital of the Olympic’s: London! Special judging criteria and rules were made. Participating in the competition was only allowed for the those who had won a big competition in their own country. European Champion Hanka Venselaar was among the honoured ones who received an invitation to compete.
29 contestants battled each other in a preliminary round, only 10 could compete in the finals. Her performance earned Hanka a place among the 10 finalists. Her performance in the finals was also a good one, but 5 other contestants earned a higer score. However, a 6th place in this strong field of contestants prooves that she can compete with the top poledancers in the world. Below you can find a video of Hanka’s act:

Winner of the competition was NAtalia Tatarintseva representing Ukrain. More results can be found on the official website.